I tell you one and one makes three.

I have a question for my conservative brethren, and it’s a serious one:

Is there anything you can think of that Donald Trump could do that would cause you to stop supporting him? Maybe something out of line with our history as a democracy? Something egregiously anti-capitalist? Something contrary to the interests of your religion?

I was (and still am) a fan of Barack Obama, I’ll admit it. I think he was a phenomenal president.

That being said, I can assure you that if he, let’s say, punted a baby across the North Lawn, he would have lost my vote. Or maybe if he had unzipped his skin and revealed that he was secretly a creepy lizard man from outer space, I would have supported a different, less reptilian candidate.

But the point is, I have values upon which I center my political (and life) decisions. I do not blindly support anyone or anything.

Rather, I support the candidate whose actions most closely mirror my own ideals. That support is contingent upon the candidate continuing to mirror those ideals. To simply support a politico due to him being “my guy” or liking his style would mean that I was potentially a member of a cult of personality.

I know a lot of conservatives. Most of them are pretty good people with good common sense. A lot of them are more savvy and street-wise than my liberal friends, quite frankly.

But it’s seeming with this particular president, in the particular political climate in which we’re living, that many of my conservative friends are valuing “their guy” uber alles. Irrespective of what he says, what he does, how “un-American” his tactics are, how absolutely abhorrent his ideals are as a human, hey, he’s going to shrink government and he’s not Obama…say no more!

I have to believe that there’s something he could do that would cause even a die-hard Republican to whip up a quick batch of nope.

So far, lying to our faces isn’t enough to shake conservatives’ resolve in their guy.

So far, pissing on Native Americans’ sovereignty isn’t enough to cause Republicans to rethink their support of the pisser-in-chief.

So far, putting a gag order on federal employees to keep them from saying bad things about him…or for that matter, saying facts about things he doesn’t like? Nope, that just ain’t enough to sway my right-wing friends’ faith in the presidency of WWE Hall of Famer Donald Trump.

So far, “draining the swamp” by nominating literally nothing but swamp monsters to his cabinet is totally cool with the ditto-heads of the world.

So far, complaining about media bias and coverage of crowd size in front of the CIA Memorial Wall is simply part of the game and no big deal.

I don’t expect conservatives to get ruffled about the President doing conservative stuff – heck, he’s a “Republican” (apparently, lately) and he won. He can and should and will enact conservative policy.

But…he’s done a lot of straight up un-American things so far…and I’ve yet to hear a Republican call bullshit.

But maybe my barometer of “un-American” is, in and of itself, biased. To me, telling the Standing Rock Sioux that America values transporting Canadian shale oil more than our treaty with the sovereign Sioux Nation is pretty fucking un-American.

It seems un-American to tell us that Reuters, AP, the Washington Post, the Washington Times, Fox, MSNBC, CNN, the NY Times, and everyone else are all simply trying to make him look bad by lyingin coordination, no less – about the attendance at his inauguration. We have a 240+ year history of needing, trusting, and protecting the independence of the press, but this guy is threatening to cherry pick which of them gets access to the President of the United States because he doesn’t like how they portray facts.

It’s un-American to suppress Americans from saying, tweeting, blogging, photographing and publishing damned near whatever the fuck they want. Even if they are federal employees. We live in a marketplace of ideas, and truth should rise to the top if we all have freedom of speech.

So…conservative brethren, you tell me. None of that is enough to shake you loose from the cult of personality. None of that scares you enough to put your politics aside and say, “Enough.” So, what would be enough?

If he bans Muslims, will that shake you loose from the cult?

If he fails to build the wall, will you renounce your supreme leader?

If he releases a yuge coked-up Bengal tiger into the halls of Congress, films the chaos, and puts it up on youtube, will that cause you to second-guess your choice?

I don’t know what it would take, but I have to assume there is an imaginary line that Donald Trump could cross that would cost him your support.

He’s marching toward that line. Think NOW of where that line is for you, because if you don’t, this narcissist is going to keep bending your “normal” until you’re morally capitulating to some truly terrible things.

Think of where that line is, or admit to yourself that you’re not an ideological conservative. You’re just a smitten sheep worshiping a strongman. You’re in a cult of personality.

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