Proud Buford, Keep On Trollin’.

We have more opportunity to hear and be heard than we’ve ever had in human history.

We can join in on the global conversation through countless platforms – Facebook, twitter, Reddit, snapchat, or any number of sites that I’m too old and square to understand. Never in the history of man has it been easier to show our penises¹ to someone 10,000 miles away. We live in truly amazing times. Continue reading

Excuse me, what’s your oligarchy policy here?

If you gain power over a country, what do you do next? Politics aside, there are millions of possible answers to that question, and the answer depends on where your values lie.

If you’re a pandering, spray-tanned game show host who appeals to the lowest base instincts of the uneducated masses, you might choose to focus on the “problem” of Syrian refugees flooding into our country…oh, sorry. I said “politics aside.” My bad. Continue reading