King Donald

In the past few weeks, we’ve gotten to see first-hand what happens when we replace a political party with a cult of personality. Every standard, once etched into stone in our memories and conscience, becomes malleable to fit the behaviors of the leader.

To paraphrase more intellectual commentators, we’ve discovered that one man in our country can literally do anything he wants and will suffer no consequences…as long as he can retain the support of any 34 members of the United States Senate.

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God save the king from himself.

America is not a monarchy.

We’re not just “not a monarchy.”  We were founded in treasonous opposition to a monarchy.  Our philosophical ancestors demanded liberty.  That liberty could come one of two ways: willingly granted by the British Empire, or at the end of a royal executioner’s rope.

For years before that, they pled for more self-governance in the administration of the Colonies.  Repeatedly denied, they took up arms and spilled blood to assert their voice. Continue reading