Six Things You Should Stop Doing Because They Annoy Me

Blame it on my seasonal allergies. Or maybe it’s my various ailments attributable to age-related wear and tear. Mostly wear, but no significant tears. For that, I am grateful, as getting torn sounds quite painful.

Perhaps I just suppress my rage, and it’s bubbling out of my assorted head-holes now. But I’m feeling that familiar “I’d like to punch a baby right in its adorable pudgy face” feeling that I get now and then. Continue reading

3 Things I Won’t Miss About Target

Hi again friends. I’m currently bacheloring it up with my best bud Lemmy, as my girlfriend/Lemmy’s mama is out of town for work. She’s going to be out of town for quite a while, unfortunately.

I’m not 100% sure what she does. I think she’s probably in the CIA. It’s either that, or she’s one of the Avengers.  I hope it’s the Avengers, the State Department seems a little disheveled lately.

Each time she leaves, there are a couple of things that change for me. Continue reading